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American Cool Roofing - Our New Brand

Introducing our new redesign. American Cool Roofing and Construction is pleased to launch our latest updates and marketing movements to share information regarding the roofing industry, the latest technologies and mainly to let homeowners know there is an easier, they can trust us to take care of their home upgrade needs.

We've tremendously invested in our updated brand to bring more digital awareness and information to the community on the construction process and take the guesswork that usually comes along when working with contractors.

Our updated brand is to showcase the values we hold most dear:

  1. Trust

  2. Workmanship

  3. Quality

  4. Service


We are on a mission to change the standard in the construction industry and homeowners view on overall roofing installations and service. A home requires a lot of maintenance, and many issues that come up can be avoided with proper care and planning. Let us help you with your project and maintain your home value.


We have developed a process to make replacing your roof a smooth and easy process:

Step 1: Book your consultation

Step 2: Roof Assessment and Estimate

Step 3: Agreement and Contract

Step 4: Financing and Affordability

Step 5: Get your Roof Installed

Step 6: Enjoy your upgraded home!

Contact our team for more information and assistance on your project. Our team is ready to help you.

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