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American Cool Construction signs Year Long Sponsorship Contracts throughout Sacramento

In efforts to expand on their rapid growth and service the increase in demand for a professional contractor and roofing services, American Cool Construction expands their Brand Awareness and local marketing efforts by signing year long contracts.

"We are pleased to announce our partnerships with local supermarkets and local sports teams throughout the Sacramento Area. We have placed print ads, occupying well over 100 Shopping Carts throughout the area to further develop our brand awareness."

"Furthermore, we have sponsored local community sports teams including sports equipment and jerseys to further invest in our community and our customer base."

On Display: Safeway Supermarket in Roseville, CA displays the American Cool Construction

Brand, Logo and Service Offerings.

In an interview with Noah Oiknine, head of American Cool Construction and Operations, he states that "our local customers have helped us get to where we are in record breaking time. We, as an organization want to offer our professional services and in turn reinvest in our local community that we cherish so much."

By displaying our Brand throughout Local Shopping Carts, Local Supermarkets and Sports teams, we are offering unique incentives and discounts directly to those communities with additional discounts and incentives to help battle inflation.

Local community members are getting tremendous financial assistance and discounts o

n much needed roof repairs, roof replacements and other services offered by American Cool Construction benefitting as much as $1,750 Cash Back on many different projects.

"We are determined to give back to our community and help in more ways than our professional services. We want to help people stay active and serve as a guide to local sponsorship and encourage other businesses and people to give back." States David Saruhanov, President of American Cool Construction.

We want the community to stay tuned for our involvement and reach out for any questions or other opportunities they may come across.

About American Cool Construction:

American Cool Construction is general contractor based in Sacramento CA with new offices in Los Angeles, CA. With a combined 15+ Years work experience, their large portfolio can be seen in homes they have installed new roofs, roof repairs, exterior paint, stucco and new siding throughout California.

To contact us for any information regarding American Cool Construction, please call our office at (916) 800-2892 or visit our website at !

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